Kutná Hora, my QTH
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  The history of Kutná Hora is closely linked with the mining of silver, consequently thanks to its wealth Kutná Hora became the second most important town of the Kingdom of Bohemia and so an economic, political and cultural rival for the capital city Prague.

Vlašský Dvůr

      The first recorded reference to a more systematic mining of the local deposits of silver ore dates sometime around 1260. Around the end of the 13th century King Wenceslas II decided to mint a single coin that would be valid throughout the kingdom where different types of coins had been in use until then. The various local mints were replaced by a central one at Vlašský dvůr (the picture above) and so Kutná Hora became the chief support of the Bohemian ruler's economic power and the second largest and most powerful the town of Czech state after Prague. In 1448 George of Poděbrady (later Utraquist King) was elected provincial administrator at an assembly at Vlašský dvůr and in 1471 Vladislav of Jagellon was elected King of Bohemia here also.

Kutná Hora CoA

      Today thanks to forest deal of monuments e.g. the Cathedral of St.Barbora (the picture at the bottom of the page) or the Ossuary (the only one at the world) is Kutná Hora in UNESCO.

Kutná Hora is my QTH

Kutná Hora is my QTH.